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Like so many female artists of her generation, Swedish trailblazer Hilma af Klint was misjudged and largely ignored by the mainstream art establishment. Thankfully her legacy has now been reclaimed by a brilliant documentary called Beyond the Visible, which is out now via Modern Films.

To celebrate the film’s release, we set a creative brief asking our readers to design a postcard inspired by Klint’s work. Judging the entries was our in-house design team alongside Beyond the Visible director Halina Dyrschka, who had this to say about the winning entry:

“It was hard to choose! So many nice and good ideas. I picked the one I liked best at first look – it is one of the rare paintings that is trying to find its own style while still being very close to the original painting by Hilma.”

Check out the winners and runners up below, along with a gallery of all the entries we received. A huge thank you to everyone who took part. We’ll be back with another creative brief soon.

Joint first prize

by Amber Furness (aged 15):

Joint first prize

by Aimee McCulloch:

First runner up

by Libby Howker:

Second runner up

by Molly Harvey:

Check out the other entries…

By Damien Cifelli

By Dougal Kirkland

By Valentina Paz-Huxley

By Zoë Appleby

By Wojtek London

By Vikkie Patterson

By Tilly Wheeler

By Teri Anderson

By Sophie May

By Siobhan Wooster

By Shama Roome

By Sara Netherway

By Samantha Hubbard

By Sabrina Impieri

By Luana Picard-Boni

By Estelle Malm

By Berenika Stachera

By Denis Kakazu

By Callam Street

By Ella Edge

By Elizabeth Donaldson

By Eleanor Roebuck

By Dayoung Yun

By Darcey Joyce

By Daniella Capitas Webster

By Cornelia Maria Tuglui

By Clara Niniewski

By Betty Dyball

By Bethany Stacey

By Berenika Stachera

By Kirsten Schoon

By Joe Joyce

By Laura Keeble

By Katie Whitford

By Katherine Berry

By Kate Roach

By Kat Koch

By Jake Burnell

By Izabela Bejger

By Isabelle Cuthbert

By Hope Parnell

By Grace O’Connor

By Frances Hammond

By Ewa Ferdynus

By George Spedding

By Ruby Warner

By Rosabella Orrell

By Poppy Goldsmith

By Olivia Williams

By Niki Usagi

By Natasha Smithurst

By Miranda Taylor

By Megan Armitage

By Matthew Brooks

By Matt Wisner

By Ruby Warner

By Matilda Eker

By Manon Wilson

By Macy Carr

By Amy Wheeler

By Annie Mackin

By Ewa Ferdynus

By Alicja Kloc

By Alanna Lee

By Alacoque Davey

By Abigail Chamberlain

By Amy Wheeler

By Saskia van de geest

By Sabrina Impieri

By Ewa Ferdynus

The post Check out these postcards inspired by the art of Hilma af Klint appeared first on Little White Lies.

Our latest creative brief was inspired by Beyond the Visible, a new film about the Swedish abstract artist.
The post Check out these postcards inspired by the art of Hilma af Klint appeared first on Little White Lies. […]Read More

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